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Florida Fish

Larger bait attracts the biggest red snapper

Fishing in Florida is spectacular for many reasons, but most of all for the incredible size, quantity and variety of delicious fish that are caught near Naples and Marco Island all year long. With Captain Zeke at the helm, and handling any tasks you don't care to (baiting hooks, handling and cleaning fish, etc.) your day will be all fun and excitement.

American Red Snapper

American Red Snapper is a very tasty fish, and when you find one, you'll find a lot of them. Just reel 'em in, throw 'em in the cooler, bait your hook, throw your line back in the ocean and go get more.

Fighting Tarpon


Tarpon is the big, strong fish that has been famous around Naples since the 18th century. Tarpon (also known as Silver King) are big, fast, strong and an incredible sight to see as they leap high into the Florida sunshine. With a thick silver body and a little dark on top, tarpon are noted for their thick, shiny scales. While you're visiting Naples, you might take a short drive to the restaurant at Olde Marco Inn on Marco Island, just a few miles down the coast. There you'll find a grand display made up of individual scales taken from prize tarpon over the past 100 years or so. The scales are so large that the date and fisherman's name are just written right on each scale. While tarpon can be caught year-round, the biggest and best are reeled in during spring and summer. While the fight lets you know what you're made of, the taste isn't so great, so take a few photos, pull off a scale as a souvenir and just put him back where you found him. Then throw your line in again for another round of fun and excitement.

your hands will be full with any tarpon

"Fighting Tarpon" is also the state saltwater fish of Alabama.

While they've been caught up to 140 pounds, you'll have your hands full with any tarpon that hits you.



Amberjack (Jack) is a fish that tastes great, especially when it's cooked on an open grill. They're plentiful off the coast of Naples from September through March. While they can grow to 60 or 70 (or even up to 100) pounds, they taste better when they're just a little smaller than that. The further you sail from shore, the bigger they get. The big ones put up quite a fight.

Amberjack tastes better when they're smaller than this trophy.

Atlantic Sailfish

Atlantic Sailfish

Atlantic Sailfish aren't meant to be eaten. They follow very slight changes in the water temperature, so you'll rely on a seasoned fishing charter captain to find them for you.

Atlantic Sailfhish

They're strictly for the sport of catching a big, strong, beautiful fish. Hook one, reel him in, take some great photos in the Florida sunshine, and slip him back into his ocean home so the next lucky fellow can have some fun. If he's big enough, you may have a trophy fish on your hands. Ask Captain Zeke for some advice and you could end up with a trophy that will be the perfect proof for all your battle stories.

The Atlantic Sailfish will test your mettle.

No one will ever question your stories about the Atlanitic Sailfish and his fierce strength.



Snook are easy to catch around Naples in nearly every month except December. Found in the brackish (mixed salt and fresh) water that's around the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, snook are sometimes as small as 5 to 10 pounds, making them an ideal catch for youngsters who can enjoy the thrill of landing a fish that's 'really big' to them. Since they can get up to 30 pounds or more, Captain Zeke, your Naples fishing charter captain, will help you plan a fishing trip that's fun and just perfect for your needs. Snook are easiest to find when the tide is "just right" so call Capt. Zeke in advance at (239) 682-7286 and plan ahead for the most fun catching snook and other near-shore fish.

Snook are popular in the shallows and estuaries near Naples.

Black Grouper

Black Grouper

Black Grouper like the reefs and rocks on the ocean floor, are plentiful all winter long, and they taste terrific.

Black Grouper are found throughout the Caribbean.

Yellowtail Snapper

Yellowtail Snapper lunge at your bait from spring through fall and they taste wonderful.

Yellowtail Snapper

Lane Snapper

Lane Snapper

Lane Snapper tastes just as good, and bite from fall through spring, so there's always something good to catch and eat. Captain Zeke knows the right bait to use, and where and when and how to use it, so hold on for an exciting ride as you reel 'em in.

Yellow Snapper taste great spring through fall, and Lane Snapper tast great fall through spring.

King Mackerel

King Mackerel

King Mackerel grow up to around 20 or 30 pounds, and taste good, too. Best times to catch Kings are fall through spring. They hit bait hard and fast and often leap high out of the water.

King Mackerel will put up a fight, but the flavor is worth it.

Gag Grouper

Gag Grouper

Gag Grouper live closer to shore, get up to around 20 to 25 pounds, and have excellent flavor. Thanksgiving through Easter are the easiest times to catch them.

Gag grouper are popular with vacationers.

This Redfish is 3 feet long


Redfish are an easy catch any month except January and February. Their flavor is superb (unless they get up to trophy size) which explains their popularity. When you find one, you'll find plenty more.

This Redfish is 3 feet long -- just right for a tasty meal.

Some fish are tasty to eat, they're all a lot of fun to catch, some are real fighters, some are catch-and-release.

Be sure to tell Captain Zeke what kind of fun you want to have, and he'll plan a special day on the water (or a half-day) that you'll remember forever. Add in some photos for you and our website, some bonding with your friends and associates, a tired muscle or two from your one-on-one battles with one powerful fish after another, along with some tasty eatin' with fresh fish fillets on ice you reeled in just a few hours before, and you've got a fine day that can't be beat.

Your time in Naples is not complete until you share it with a ship's crew made up of good friends old and new, Naples' own Captain Zeke of Southern Viking Charters, and the millions of fish waiting for you in sunny Southern Florida.